Are you in need of a tooth extraction? Although we aim to avoid tooth extractions whenever possible, there are many reasons a person may need a tooth to be removed. An extraction may be necessary if teeth are too crowded, a wisdom tooth does not have room to grow, a tooth is injured or other reasons. At Bay Parkway Dental Center, we have successfully extracted teeth for many patients and do so with care. Our team always makes sure that our patients are comfortable and fully numbed before an extraction begins. If surgery is required for a tooth removal, in-network oral surgeons are able to perform these extractions. Sometimes a tooth removal can be the best decision for the health of your smile. 

Gentle Tooth Extractions

At the beginning of your appointment for a tooth removal, our team will make sure that you are completely comfortable. The area around the tooth that is to be removed will be fully numbed. If you are using sedation, your dentist will make sure it has had time to take effect before beginning. Your dentist will then carefully remove your tooth. Once treatment is over, your dentist can discuss restoration options for replacing your missing tooth if needed. 

Sedation & Tooth Extraction

Many patients have found sedation dentistry helps them feel more comfortable throughout a tooth extraction visit. Sedation dentistry helps you feel at ease and relaxed during your entire appointment. Most patients don’t even feel any discomfort at all with sedation! If you are interested in sedation dentistry, your dentist can help determine the best type of sedation to help you feel calm and comfortable during an upcoming visit. Sedation dentistry has changed the way many patients view their dental visits.

If you are in need of a tooth extraction in Brooklyn, NY, call to schedule a consultation. If you need a second opinion, we can help. Our team can examine your smile and recommend the best possible treatment options. Don’t let your smile suffer – call today!

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