If you are ready to work on your smile, orthodontic treatment can help you get there. Whether your teeth are crooked, space out or crowded, orthodontics can help align your teeth and give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Orthodontics can improve the health of your smile by correcting your bite and aligning your teeth. When your teeth are crowded or crooked, areas of your mouth can be hard to brush. Once your teeth are aligned, they are much easier to brush and floss. If you would like a consultation for orthodontic treatment in Brooklyn, NY, call our office today! Your dentist can take a look at your teeth and give the best recommendations for aligning your smile. 

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are more advanced than ever before. If you are a teen or adult interested in aligning your teeth, traditional braces could be the perfect fit! It’s never too late to start working toward a better smile. Traditional braces allow your dentist to control the movement of your teeth in small increments by making adjustments at each visit. Over time, your teeth will gradually align and a beautiful smile will be the result. Treatment time depends on your smile and your dentist can go over the expected timeframe for alignment.  

The Orthodontic Process

The first step in getting traditional braces is to set up a consultation. Treatment options will depend on the alignment of your teeth and how much correction is required for your smile. Once treatment is set up, your braces can be applied and the straightening process will begin. Our team will go over instructions for how to care for your teeth. Periodic visits will be set up for your orthodontist so make adjustments to your braces and ensure that treatment stays on track. Once treatment is complete, a custom retainer will be made to help you maintain your new smile.

If you are interested in traditional braces in the Brooklyn, NY area, give our team a call to schedule a consultation!

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