Is there something you want to change about your smile? Do you have crooked or crowded teeth? Invisalign® clear aligners offer a way to discreetly straighten your teeth and get the smile you’ve always wanted. It’s never too late to work towards a more confident smile. With over 9 million already treated, Invisalign has been proven to work predictably and effectively. 

The Invisalign® Process

The first step in the Invisalign process is meeting with your dentist. Before treatment begins, you will see a sneak-peek of what your smile is expected to look like once the straightening process is completed. A digital scan of your teeth will be taken and a customized treatment plan will be put into place. You’ll begin wearing your custom-made aligners as soon as they are ready. Regular check-in appointments will be set up to ensure the straightening process is on the right track. With Invisalign, you’ll be able to remove your aligners for eating, brushing and flossing. By consistently wearing your clear aligners, you’ll soon begin to see a change in your smile. Treatment time can range anywhere from 6 months or longer, depending on your smile. Once treatment is complete, a retainer will be made for you to wear to maintain a beautiful smile. 

Benefits of Invisalign®

Invisalign offers many benefits compared to traditional braces. Invisalign clear aligners are removable, more comfortable and nearly invisible. Whether you are a teen or adult, clear aligners could give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Most patients prefer the convenience and appearance of Invisalign over traditional metal aligners.

If you would like to know if you are a candidate for Invisalign in the Brooklyn, NY area, give us a call! Our team makes it a top priority to help each patient reach each of their dental goals. The first step towards a more confident smile is just a phone call away!

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